Publications - Papers

Use of Continuous ECG for Improvements in Assessing the Standing Response as a Positive Control for QT Prolongation

Anthony A. Fossa, Meijian Zhou, Nuala Brennan, Patrick Round and John Ford.

Novel K+ Channel Targets in Atrial Fibrillation Drug Development—Where Are We?

Said El-Haou, John Ford and James Milnes.

Effects of IKur blocker MK-0448 on human right atrial action potentials from patients in sinus rhythm and in permanent atrial fibrillation

Simone Loose, Judith Mueller, Erich Wettwer, Michael Knaut, John Ford, James Milnes and Ursula Ravens.

Human Electrophysiological and Pharmacological Properties of XEN-D0101: A Novel Atrial-Selective Kv1.5/IKur Inhibitor

Ford J., Milnes J., Wettwer E.,Christ T., Rogers M., Sutton K., Madge D., Virag L., Jost N., Horvath Z., Matschke K., Varro A,. Ravens, U.

The positive frequency-dependent electrophysiological effects of the IKur inhibitor XEN-D0103 are desirable for the treatment of atrial fibrillation

John Ford, James Milnes, Said El Haou, Erich Wettwer, Simone Loose, Klaus Matschke, Benoit Tyl, Patrick Round, Ursula Ravens.

Atrial-like cardiomyocytes from human pluripotentstem cells are a robust preclinical model for assessing atrial-selective pharmacology

Harsha D Devalla.

The role of sodium channels in neuropathic pain. Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology 17(5) 571-581

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An investigation of the safety and pharmacokinetics of the novel TRPV1 antagonist XEN-D0501 in healthy subjects: British J Clinical Pharmacology 72 (6): 921–931

Patrick Round, Anthony Priestley and Jan Robinson.

Human electrophysiological and pharmacological properties of XEN-D0101: a novel atrial-selective Kv1.5/IKur inhibitor

Ford J., Milnes J., Wettwer E., Christ T., Rogers M., Sutton K., Madge D., Virag L., Jost N., Horvath Z., Matschke K., Varro A., and Ravens U

Carbon-14 radiosynthesis of 4-(5-chloro- 2-hydroxyphenyl)-3-(2-hydroxyethyl)-6- (trifluoromethyl)-[4-14C]quinolin-2(1H)-one (XEN-D0401), A novel BK channel activator

Sean L. Kitson, Stuart Jones, William Watters, Fiona Chan and David Madge, (2010): Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals

Near-Thorough QT Study as Part of a First-In-Man Study

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New Drugs Targeting the Cardiac Ultra-Rapid Delayed-Rectifier Current (IKur): Rationale, Pharmacology and Evidence for Potential Therapeutic Value

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Prediction of Ion Channel Activity using Binary Kernel Discrimination

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Identification of Selective Inhibitors of the Potassium Channel Kv1.1–1.2(3) by High-Throughput Virtual Screening and Automated Patch Clamp. Chem Med Chem 7 (10):1775-1783.

Soeren J. Wacker, Wiktor Jurkowski, Katie J. Simmons, Colin W. G. Fishwick, A. Peter Johnson, David Madge, Erik Lindahl, Jean-Francois Rolland, and Bert L. de Groot

Publications - Posters

Cambridge Neuroscience, Sept 2013

A selective inhibitor of Kv1.1-(1.2)3 concatamer channels identified by high throughput virtual screening and automated patch clamp is effective in an ex vivo model of axonal demyelination. Ion Channels in Health and Disease: a symposium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley, Cambridge University, UK, Sept 16-17th 2013.

Biophysical Society, Boston, 2009

Biophysical characterization of duloxetine activity on voltage-gated sodium channels involved in pain transmission

British Pharmacological Society, Brighton, 2008

Development of a hKv1.3 ion channel screening assay using the QPatch 16 automated patch-clamp platform

American Heart Association, New Orleans, 2008

The Atrial Antiarrhythmic Drug XEN-D0101 Selectively Inhibits the Human Ultra-Rapid Delayed-Rectifier Potassium Current (IKur) Over Other Cardiac Ion Channels

British Pharmacological Society, Bournemouth, 2007

Targeting the hKv1.3 potassium channel in the development of novel treatments for autoimmune diseases

2nd International Congress on Neuropathic Pain, Berlin, 2007

State-Dependent Inhibitors of the Nav1.3 Sodium Channel for Treating Neuropathic Pain

British Pharmacological Society, London, 2005

Targeting the Nav1.3 Sodium Channel in the Development of Novel Treatments for Neuropathic Pain

Society for Neuroscience, New Orleans, 2003

A comparison of the effects of known Ion Channel Modulators against A K+ current recorded using autopatch & ‘conventional’ Ion Channel Screening technologies