History of Xention

Xention is a Cambridge-based biopharmaceutical company that was founded 2002 specialising in the discovery and development of ion channel-modulating drugs.

Xention Discovery has been involved in multiple research collaborations with international pharma businessesand has received funding from the EU, the Wellcome Trust and Innovate UK.

In 2015 the highly experienced ionchannel research team became an independent CRO, Metrion Biosciences Ltd following a management buyout of the discovery business from Xention

Xention initiated the development of a number of drugs for atrial fibrillation, overactive bladder and chronic cough and sponsored multiple clinical trials from phase 1 first time in man, to multi country phase 2b, in these indications.

In 2013, Xention entered a cardiovascular collaboration with Servier to develop a Xention discovered selective Kv1.5 modulator for the treatment of AF

In addition Xention was responsible for the development of TA-8995 in dyslipidaemia on behalf of Dezima Pharma BV which led to the acquisition of Dezima by Amgen in 2015 in a deal worth up to $1.55 billion.